Transformational Retreat

A 3 day Retreat with Robert Kirby

“Life is what you make of it inside of you. What’s inside of you is what matters…” –Robert Kirby Any process that consistently produces great results will stand the test of time. Are you ready and willing to transform your life at the deepest level? If so, Robert Kirby’s Retreats will break through your barriers to freedom and allow you to lead a life of truth and deep meaning.

Is there a major issue in your life that consistently stands in your way?

When it comes to clearing issues, getting to the truth of the real cause is the only process that will resolve your problem at the deepest level possible. Remember, the truth speaks very loudly. Until you get to the core, all efforts outside the truth will make things worse. You become discouraged. It reinforces your doubts and shakes your faith to your very foundations. For 18 years Robert Kirby has helped more than 2,100 people in 3 continents to break through the barriers to personal freedom. Robert Kirby Transformational Retreats are a synergy of time proven healing modalities that are constructed uniquely to transform your specific issues. Individual group processing with Robert creates a very safe environment for you. It is this safety combined with the group’s healing energy and professional expertise that provides your breakthrough. In addition to Robert Kirby, Robert Kirby always has a team of at least five highly trained body psychotherapists at every Retreat to support you. You in turn will support each other attending the Retreat. Everyone supports one another and gets involved.

Another Major Benefit

All processes over three days are equally valuable to your process. Every time the group holds space for another person it is as if the process is happening to each individual in the room and accelerates your personal development.

Can you see the possible major transformation for yourself?

  • Would you like to be met with a solution right now wherever you are in life at this moment in time?
  • Are you in a relationship or career crisis?
  • Do you live in distortions that keep you stuck?
  • Does depression, anxiety, fear, addiction or old traumas keep pulling you down into a hole?
  • Have you done a lot of work on yourself, completed courses and read books but still feel like your life falls into crisis?

Although these Retreats have been hosted all over Australia and two other continents, they are presently held only six times a year in Sydney. They always fill up quickly so this may be your chance to deeply claim your life.

Your Outcomes

  • Uncover your deepest unconscious beliefs holding you back
  • Identify specific blocks affecting your ability to be present and overcome them
  • Clear resistance from past trauma
  • Gain clarity, focus and momentum for future goals
  • Unlock hidden potential and inner gifts previously unaware
  • Move towards creating a healthy and abundant life for yourself
  • Learn about yourself and who you truly are on every level

Deep and lasting change is not only possible, it is immediate. It touches your life on all levels. 

What participants have said:

A comprehensive, profound, practical and highly effective process of becoming centered into the power of your true self. – Anatole Kononewsky

Robert is a facilitator like no other. He is heartfelt, vulnerable and caring. His work touches you and you experience real shifts immediately. Rather than sitting in a room hearing somebody talk and trying to sell you something – here you actually get to do the work. – Lisa Robinson

This work will fast track anyone wanting to be free, anyone waiting to express the truth of who they are. The essentials to face the darkness in ourselves to express the light. – Chloe Dervin

I love your work. I was sceptical before but now I feel fantastic. Thank you! – Catherine Johnston

I am truly amazed about the possibilities of tapping into the energies and feeling other people feelings. Robert is a very professional, funny and caring human being. Everyone here was just amazing, had the best weekend of my life! Christian Madsen

Hesitant at first despite recommendation from friends but once I opened up I felt a true expression from the heart space. Thank you. Jesse

The past 3 days have been an amazing learning experience. Really enjoy the playfulness along with the serious stuff.Jill Odgers

Robert Kirby and his team can open doors you didn’t know were closed. Giving you a new found freedom and sense of self so you can walk forward with confidence. Karen O’Neil

Robert is genuine, authentic and speaks from the heart. He has got a sense of humour and he walks his talk. Suzy Jukes

About Robert Kirby

After starting his career leading large teams in the aerospace industry, Robert realised his greatest skills as a leader were in helping people unlock their potential for business and career success. Robert brings to his practice academic qualifications in psychology and business; as well as decades of practical experience in both. In the last 26 years has worked with groups around the world. His clients have gone on to achieve extraordinary success.

Date: July 14-17 2016 – Check in is on Thursday between 4-6 pm. Check out on Sunday between 2-5pm.

Venue: St Joseph’s Spirituality and Education Centre 8 Humphreys Road KINCUMBER SOUTH NSW 2251 AUSTRALIA

Cost: Full Price:$1500 (inc food and accom)

Deposit: $500 non refundable deposit secures a spot. Full balance due 2 weeks prior to the event.

Bookings: To pay and register please email:

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