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Work with me in a One on One solution oriented capacity for immediate benefits

Tantric Dance

Learn how to bring tantric aliveness into your dance. A practice that will have you flowing through life with grace, ease and style.

Events & Workshops

Find out about the latest Events & Workshops being organised by the Taste of Love team in your area.


Consensuality is all about embodiment. What does that actually mean? To live a fully empowered, fulfilled and loving human life we believe that all aspects of us need to be brought into alignment, into the light.

Only when we can know and embrace our core patterns and beliefs we can fully let the life force stream through us and find our path and our purpose.

All the work and events focus on these very things: self love – self knowledge – love of others – love and harmony of life itself. We leave no stone unturned, no shadow and wound un-embraced that has made us who we are, is what we want to explore to celebrate with ecstasy.