Do you need help defining your feelings, discover your true power and ability for healing and move forward on your path empowered and in touch with yourself? Book a face to face session or a Skype session with Ron.
His practice rooms are located in Currumbin/Goldcoast or Byron Bay/Suffolk Park.

By listening and watching your breath and body, Ron will have a look at your thinking, patterns, blockages and possible trauma in your body that are leaving you feeling trapped and anxious or worried about something. The session involves a combination of physical therapy such as deep massage and touch, breath work and also listening to you and using cognitive methods to create new pathways of acting and thinking for your future that can liberate you out of patterns and habits and belief systems that don’t work for you in your life. Ron focusses on embodiment, unless the body and nervous system feels it too, no real lasting change has actually happened! This is why bringing the awareness and feeling into the body is so important. Ron has done many trainings around process work, he uses constellation and ancestry work, voice dialoguing (aspecting), tantra and internal massage for men and women. PHI breath work, energy body work, rituals and initiations, wheel of consent just to name a few to help you coming back into harmony.

Generally the first session is an initial consult where you can already expect a huge change. Usually a few follow up sessions are needed to move in deeper and work with you on getting a permanent shift and result.

The consult times recommended are 1,5 – 2hrs. To make a booking please go HERE or contact Ron directly.

Looking forward working with you and be part of changing your life the way YOU want to live!