I thought you were very respectful and you knew how to hold the space. I felt safe with you. You made me feel that you have my best interest in mind and you are there for ME. Thanks for the session:)


The session I had with Ron was open, experiential, insightful and empowering. His way of embodying his teachings as well as holding and leaving space allowed me to really drop in to my body and stay in tune with my process. I got a lot of body wisdom and self awareness out of the session. I would recommend him to anyone looking for self knowledge and empowerment through a somatic centered practice but also wanting to find the qualities I mentioned in a practitioner. With gratitude.

Guillaume Darnault

Suffolk Park

Ron is very trustworthy and sincere as a person. He is enthusiastic about guiding people to their truth and openness. He feels and radiates love and compassion.

Rahima Sue Lansdown

Ron has a lot of presence. He always seems to be deeply in connection with what is going on in a situation/ group on the multi levels of beingness… He feels, understands & recognises what is occurring/required… And on top of that he is fun, playful, serious, intense, charismatic, kind and caring!

Stacey Mickelborough

Ron has courage to stand up in difficult situations. He is determined to be everything he can be. He has compassion for the people around him. Love you brother!

Nicolas Spadaccini

Ron has the ability to stand up for, deeply hold, and love, the women in his family and life.

Isy Gabriel