Tantric Dance

A game between masculine and feminine energy in order to transcend the duality.

The one who leads the dance is the male energy (Shiva). The masculine energy is powerful and creative in and takes the other on an adventure through movement and dance. The one who receives is the female energy (Shakti). The female energy is graceful, accommodating as water, powerful in surrender. Independent of physical gender or sexual orientation every person has masculine (active) and feminine (receptive) energies within them.

Everyone’s male and female energy will be polarized through the dance. Experience what it is to feel totally be feminine (receptive) and masculine (active), receptive allowing and taking focused direction and manifesting movement and form. Tantric contact dance is a game of giving and receiving, experiencing taking leadership, and feeling true creative power (Shiva) and surrender, flexibility, grace, beauty and flow, melting surrender (Shakti).

Your consciousness expands in that you remain in it in all your movements. In short, the dance becomes a meditation. Instead of that you let drag and are not aware of your own part in the dance, you keep watching, and so to come into your strength. Tantric Dance teaches you to see through your own patterns in your relationship about the opposite sex. You are going to see through your own motivations and barriers fall away. Locally create a new movement, and put an end to all the old sparkle you stopped and to stand all the way into the light, which we do in the Tantric Dance.