Who is Ron Van Twuiver?


Ron van Twuiver started his journey of conscious relating over 20 years ago. A natural curiosity to understand human behaviour, sexuality, relationships and happiness drew him to experiment and participate in many different trainings over the years.
As a father of 3 beautiful daughters and several failed past relationships, he is dedicated to look for what brings deeper healing in people, help them to see and feel themselves and transform their own core wounds to be more safe, present, loving and fulfilled in each moment while continuing his own healing journey.
His session work is focussed around the wisdom of the body, allowing the life force to flow freely again, removing blockages through breath, touch and recreating a healthy pelvic heart connection. While he may frame some of your core issues, Ron is trained and passionate to listen to the language of the body. He creates a safe space and environment where you can start to feel inside of you what is going on, release pain and trauma, journey to a place that feels more home and whole within you. His session work, within consent can be bold, triggering you to release the difficult parts or blind spots, challenging you in places where you hold, sabotage and withhold the most, so you too can experience one of the many breakthroughs his clients experience.